Über uns

SZR is a non-profit record label from Tübingen, s/w germoney.
my priority is open and honest communication with the bands & partners in co-releases as well as, to spread the music as far as possible.

Subzine was born as a concert conspiracy, organizing DIY Shows in the brutal redneck town of BL. after a while the idea of an own fanzine came up, to give the bands a platform and to document the punk-scene around them. In 2013 the record label was founded and moved to Tü-town. shitloads of DIY shows and the label itself became more and more time intense, which lead to the end of the fanzine.

to all DIY labels: if you’re interested in concerts with any of your bands or you looking for someone to share vinyl release costs, feel free to contact me!

Fuck all sorts of discrimination! Together not against!!!

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